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This area is devoted to establishments that sell stamps and stamp collecting related products under a registered business name. As an ISR member of the Stampguyz Website, these showrooms are available to all visitors. Our philosophy is to acquire a fair mix of talent and inventory from participating stamp dealers to meet the needs for several collecting interests.













Contact a sales representative at Stampguyz using our Online ISR inquiry form at or phone: (612) 241-7859. When contacted, we will begin assessing your needs to implement the appropriate course of action for designing your personal Independent Showroom. Most Showrooms are designed and partially inventoried in about 7-10 working days. If you require customization of introductory templates, design time will be extended.






  1. Host a private/public auction containing your personal inventory as well as consigned material.
  2. Choose your own auction start and closing dates.
  3. Set minimum/opening bids for each item.
  4. Include visual images for each item.
  5. Set your own commission fees.
  6. Build your own online customer base and/or use the traffic flow generated from the Stampguyz.


  1. Like a tradeshow that never ends, your Inventory will be accessible 24 hours a day. We will also provide you with the necessary Website tools for order capture and fulfillment.
  2. Several search tools available with your ISR. This saves time for your viewers to locate their particular interests/needs quickly while visiting your showroom.


  1. You’re personal online inventory management area accessible day or night. This area allows you to add, modify or delete any item in your showroom directly from your computer.
  2. Direct access to page modifications. Change the look and feel of your showroom. We do however suggest that you attend our Microsoft Front Page classes before you start making modifications to your showroom.


  1. Reserve ad banner time on the home page of Stampguyz. This is a very powerful tool to generate immediate attention from online viewers. Using an ad banner to guide traffic directly to your showroom before they go anywhere else. NOTE: This is a fee-based option.


  1. This time saving program works with Microsoft Access. This proprietary tool allows the ISR owner to create online retail lots off the Internet. Here you can input as many items as you like, then upload them directly to your showroom retail area via the Internet.



Hold Monthly Specials, What’s New Area, Meet the Staff, Credentials, Payments Accepted, Contact area and much, much more…



Independent Showroom - Pricing

New Pricing as of June 1, 1998


Minimum charge for site design $1,000 US dollars




NOTE: Setup fees apply to hosting your showroom on our server only.

If you would like to relocate your showroom to a different location, other than the Stampguyz Website, a buyout fee or your showroom will occur.



Monthly Fee: $40.00



Optional Services:


Scanning Rates

  1. Single stamps price $1.50 ea. (minimum of 20 images)
  2. Multiples (sets) $2.00 - $3.00 ea. (minimum of 15 images)

          Prices include uploading to our server


Ad Creation

  1. Image uploading to our server $5.00 per instance (unlimited images)
  2. Add a Retail Lot to your showroom $1.00 per lot. (text only) w/image add.50
  3. Modify or Delete a retail lot $2.00 per instance



ISR Maintenance

Webpage Design

Web (independent showroom enhancement) $65.00 hour ( hour minimum)

Types of services available:


Webpage (ISR) Modifications

Types of services available:






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