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At this time, there are several openings for showroom space within the Independent Showrooms area.  We intend on limiting the number of showrooms to approximately 40 registered stamp dealers.  Ideally, we will host a good mix of talent/merchandise to cover varying collecting tastes.  Possessions & US is filling quickly, please forward your interest as soon as possible.

The Stampguyz Independent Showrooms will consist of:

  1. Possessions & US: 8-10 Dealers
  2. British colonies: 6-8 Dealers
  3. Eastern/Western Europe: 5 dealers
  4. Asia/Pacific Rim: 5 Dealers
  5. South/Latin America: 5 Dealers
  6. FDC Specialists: 2 Dealers
  7. Errors, Freaks and Oddities: 1 Dealer
  8. Topicals: 2-3 Dealers
  9. Other: 2 Dealers

If you are interested in getting more information on requirements or pricing, please contact Thank you



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