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GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Love your site, especially the watermark directory! I plan to highlight it in our next stamp club newsletter.

V. Felts


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Congratulations,  I saw a short piece on your watermark directory in the 4/13 issue of Linn’s; at long last my wife knows what watermark 16 is.  Congratulations on a fine job. It’s an idea whose time has definitely come.

R. Redd
K & R Hobbies


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) I have visited your site and I find it quite impressive.

Yours faithfully,
K. H. Olsen
Postverk Føroya

Philatelic Office


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Your website is excellent. It’s a pleasure to see such a nice new philatelic resource on the web. Kudos!

Gregory K Deeter


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) I am quite impressed at your web page. I will definitely list your page in my Philatelic links on my web page. That is quite a work of art that you have done with the Watermarks.

Ed Yonelinas


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Thanks for the link and dealer directory. You have a great looking site and it should grow. I have added you as a link to my page as of today. I moved it to the top.

Best Regards, Richard


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Nice site....the watermark page is a good idea.

Good luck,


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) I have visited your site and enjoyed my visit. I really like the idea of the online watermark reference - some of the pictures in the scotts catalog are now so blurry, its hard to make out details.  I have added a link to your site and hope that it will help increase your traffic.

C. Hall


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) You have a very interesting and useful website to collectors.



GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Do you have a bookmark on your site to irish philatelic resources or any stamps/areas of interest to Irish collectors.

All the best,
Michael Green,
The Quality Company.


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) I have added a link to your page from my Philatelic Resources on the Web.
A link to my page would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph Luft


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Nice site and most worthy of a mention on my homepage.

R. Pearce - Stamplink


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Very, very good "watermark" work!!!

Best wishes,


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Have visited your site and i like a lot.

Well cordially,
Pierre morillon


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Wonderful site! We will most definitely have a link up in the next few days! Congratulations on great content otherwise not seen before on the web!

Best wishes,
Tom Fortunato, Rochester, NY


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Hello,  You have a very nice site. A great addition to the internet, well done.  I have added a link to your site from mine. I’d appreciate a link back from yours.



GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) I visited your website today. Nice job!

Best regards,
Martin L. Barron, Jr.
AmeriCom Philatelic


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Are you a member of ASDA ,APS, PTS? How long have you been in business and what exactly is this business?

Vivian Goetsch


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Your web site is a simple excellent! Excuse me but so liked one element of your design that I used it in my site. Please inform me, if you not agree I will remove it.

Yours sincerely,
Branimir Lmbiev


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Hi, I am pleased to inform you have been chosen for the Best of the Planet PEOPLE’S CHOICE Awards, 1998.

John 0. Brady
@tlasNet Inc.
Best of the Planet Awards


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Hi,  We checked out your website, and it looks like fun. We’ve been online for over 2 years now, and get a steady flow of traffic, but we’re always looking for new ways to reach new people. Thanks for the link!

Director, Software Development
SCV Systems


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) My name is Jeff Woodhead, I’m the Director of Sales for Philatelists Online. We reviewed your site—you’ve done a terrific job!

Jeff Woodhead, NOL (a division of Hobby Markets)


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Hi, I spent a quite a bit of time going through your site and one thing has caught my attention. It seems to be oriented to only American dealers. I am living in Canada. Is this a temporary feature or is it to be ongoing.



GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) I was very impressed with your site and have bookmarked it to visit in-depth later when I have some open time. You are more than welcome to list our site under your stamp clubs/societies listing, and in the future I hope to be able to return the favor by adding a link to your site from ours.

Shawn Pease
Rhode Island Philatelic Society


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Your site is appealing, one thing I noticed is that there are no dealers featured in Arizona. What do our local dealers need to do to get registered in that query? Thanks for your interest in Stamp-One and our links... if there is any other way we can work together, please let me know.

Have a great day!
K. DeVault


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) I have just finished reviewing your site and find it to be quite nice. Easy to follow and get around. Your "Online Watermark Directory" is superb. I would imagine quite a few people will want to print a copy for their desk top.   The only area I would change is the yellow used for printing the numbers and prices of stamps. I could not read any of these without getting nose-to-nose with the screen. I would find another color. I will certainly add "The Stampguyz" to my page as another source for the collector.

Best Regards, Richard


GBsign1.GIF (364 bytes) Thank you very much for listing my name here. sorry i thanked you just now. i received a lot of offers from good people around the world, Ihope that thru this traders i can collect & share as well my stamps to them. again, thank you very much guys.

ser joshua.


Thanks to all who submit their comments.

The Stampguyz